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Prayer Rally to be Held in Defiance of Gavin Newsom


Prayer Rally to be Held in Defiance of Gavin Newsom

Families of American's who were killed by ISIS are calling for terrorists to be tried in the U.S. NBC News' Anna Schecter explains what roles two terrorists played in the death of U.S. hostages.
Volunteers are set to be deliberately infected with Covid-19 after the UK government said it will set up human challenge trials funding of over £33m to speed up the development of a vaccine.

Human challenge trials are regarded by some as a faster way to develop vaccines as younger adults take part in a study of the infectious disease.

The initial aim will be to find out the smallest amount of virus it takes for someone to become infected.

Researchers would then study how vaccines work in the body to stop COVID-19.

Specially designed facilities at the Royal Free Hospital in England would be used to conduct the study, with volunteers monitored under strict conditions and medics on hand.
Asked how a Biden Administration would address the issue of police brutality, Senior Advisor to Joe Biden Symone Sanders says, "Vice President Biden believes that qualified immunity needs to be significantly reined in. He believes that abuses of power should not currently be covered by qualified immunity. Take chokeholds for example. That is an abuse of power." Aired on 8/26/2020.
Anti-government protesters use a pneumatic drill to install a pro-democracy plaque in Bangkok.

The plaque is a symbol of declaring that Thailand belongs to the people.

It is the latest challenge to the Monarchy in a series of pro-democracy demonstrations.

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