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One America News Network 25 Mar 2020

Potential cure for coronavirus already saving American lives, president vows to speed up delivery


While a potential cure for the coronavirus has already treated some patients across America, the media has focused on attacking President Trump instead. One America's Pearson Sharp has more.

President Trump is looking at an old German medicine as a possible cure for novel coronavirus. This came after a group of scientists confirmed the drug inhibits the virus in most cases, making a proper vaccine unnecessary. One America's Kristian Rouz looks into the matter.
US President Donald Trump says his country is ready for any potential outbreak of coronavirus.
Trump also appointed Vice President Mike Pence to manage the country's response.
The president said the US was rapidly developing a vaccine for the virus but top public health officials said it could still be a year away.

Al Jazeera's Kimberly Halkett reports from the White House on how the US is responding to the outbreak.
President Trump told reporters he felt "extremely good" and that the White House doctor "sees no reason" to test him for coronavirus as some Republican lawmakers have chosen to self-quarantine. Aired on 03/10/2020.
"I had this symptom of not being able to taste or smell anything."

Democratic Rep. Joe Cunningham spoke to CNN on Friday about testing positive for coronavirus and what his symptoms were compared to others.

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