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One America News Network 23 Mar 2020

Polls: Majority of Americans approve of President Trump's handling of coronavirus response efforts


Despite the media's continued criticism of President Trump, recent polls have found Americans have confidence in the president's prompt response to the ongoing pandemic. One America's Jenn Pelligrino has the details.

Newsmax is conducting an Urgent National Poll about the Coronavirus and President Trump's handling of the crisis.

You can cast your vote now by texting
For more on what we can expect from President Trump's State of the Union address, let's bring in Todd Belt. Todd is a professor and political management program director, at George Washington University.
President Trump's State of the Union address is receiving praise from lawmakers. One America's Neil W. McCabe caught up with Rep. Louie Gohmert and U.K.'s Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage to get their opinions on the president's speech.
Sen. Bernie Sanders blasted President Donald Trump's handling of the coronavirus outbreak in the US, saying he's "undermining the good work of scientists."

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