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CGTN America 22 Aug 2020

Politics expert on the U.S. mail-in ballots


Atiba Madyun, President and Founder of Party Politics U.S., talked about the U.S. mail-in ballots

The Heritage Foundation's point person on election reform said many Democrat elected officials are ignoring the vulnerability of mail-in ballots in this election cycle. One America's John Hines has more from Washington.
Daniel Smith from the University of Florida's Department of Political Science discusses why he believes mismatched signatures on mail-in ballots from Florida could be the "hanging chad" of the 2020 presidential election. Aired on 10/20/2020.
Alissa Marque Heydari, deputy director at the Institute for Innovation in Prosecution at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, joined "Red and Blue" to discuss a grand jury's decision in the Breonna Taylor case. Fired Louisville officer Brett Hankison was charged with wanton endangerment, but police were not directly charged in Taylor's death.
At least 31 states and the District of Columbia require election officials to compare signatures on the ballot security envelope to past signatures on file. An NBC News review found only 0.3% of 33 million mail-in ballots cast in 2016 were not counted due to a reported signature mismatch.

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