Time 3 Dec 2019

Police Shoot Student In Wisconsin High School Classroom After He Pointed A Gun At Officers


Police shot and wounded a student in a school classroom in Waukesha, Wisc. after he pointed a gun at officers, authorities said Monday.

According to school officials in Dallas, high school football may not happen this fall. One America's Bobby Dupree has the latest.
The school to prison pipeline is an epidemic that pushes students out of public schools and into the juvenile justice system, primarily affecting black students.
Minnesota recently posthumously pardoned an African-American man convicted of rape nearly 100 years ago. Now activists are calling on officials to reexamine dozens of closed cases involving police shootings. Jonathan Smith, the former chief of the Special Litigation Section at the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division, joined CBSN to discuss.
Jack Yates High School holds candlelight vigil for alumni George Floyd in Houston, Texas.

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