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Associated Press 13 Jan 2021

Poland zoo celebrates birth of rare Indian rhino


An endangered Indian rhino female was born on 6 January at the zoo in Wroclaw, southwestern Poland.

It is the first Indian rhinoceros born in the zoo's 155-year history.

The parents of the female calf are seven-year-old Maruška, who weighs over two tons, and 11-year-old Manas.

Visitors are not allowed to see the baby yet, but the calf will stay at the Wroclaw zoo for at least two years, according to the Wroclaw zoo.

Indian rhinoceros are kept in 66 zoos worldwide.

The entire zoo population counts 86 females and the same number of males. Last year, only 7 babies were born.

This birth is an important event for the zoos, which are fighting to save the species.

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