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NBC Sports 6 May 2020

PFT OT: How NFL will prepare for schedule changes


Peter King and Mike Florio look at all the logistical issues NFL teams must prepare for in the event that the 2020 season does go on as scheduled.

Mike Florio and Peter King discuss what the NFL can learn from MLB's attempt to play a 2020 season and what kind of issues may arise as the regular season gets closer.
NFL teams have a new challenge with travel and facility restrictions leading up to the 2020 NFL Draft. Here's how GMs are preparing for big day.
Bobby Carpenter and Ryan Clark break down QB Jalen Hurts' highlights with the Oklahoma Sooners and discuss how difficult it will be for other NFL teams to stop the Philadelphia Eagles' offense with Hurts on the field with Carson Wentz.
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The federal government is offering bridge loans for big businesses hit by COVID-19. How much will this program cost and what strings come with the loans? Power & Politics speaks with the vice-chair of the cabinet committee on COVID-19, Minister Jean-Yves Duclos, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh and the Power Panel.

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