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NBC Sports 18 May 2020

PFT Draft: NFL personalities as commencement speakers


Mike Florio and Chris Simms select the NFL personalities they would most like to see deliver commencement speeches.

From Richie Incognito to Mark Ingram, Mike Florio, Chris SImms and Peter King draft NFL players that they would want as their bodyguards.
Mike Florio, Chris Simms and Peter King draft NFL players who should receive more credit than they actually get, including Cardinals defensive end Chandler Jones and Bengals running back Joe Mixon.
Mike Florio and Dan Katz determine which coach they'd want to drink a beer with in the latest PFT Draft.
Is blocking Aaron Donald the hardest 1-on-1 task in the NFL? Mike Florio and Chris Simms draft the league's toughest 1-on-1 challenges.

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