MSNBC 6 Oct 2020

Pete Buttigieg: The Election Is Our Country's Ultimate Exchange Of Trust


Former 2020 presidential candidate and former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg joins Morning Joe to discuss his new book 'Trust: America's Best Chance'. Aired on 10/06/2020.

The election is over, but now comes the hard part. In seeking to accomplish his agenda, will President-elect Biden face more opposition from Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell or the progressives in his own party?
Katy Tur is joined for a discussion by Georgetown Law Professor, Rosa Brooks. She is the Organizer of the Transition Integrity Project, which brought together a bipartisan group of experts over the summer to "war-game" potential scenarios around the election, for example, what if President Trump lost the election and refused to concede. Aired on 11/11/2020.
As U.S. President Donald Trump brings lawsuits to challenge the vote counts in key battleground states, who is going to win the election is still uncertain. What happens if the election result is contested? #US2020Election
Joe Biden continued to withhold his position on expanding the Supreme Court when asked by reporters. The former vice president said, "you'll know my opinion on court-packing the minute the election is over." Aired on 10/08/2020

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