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CBS News 2 Dec 2019

Pete Buttigieg focuses on appealing to black voters during Southern swing


Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg told CBS News' LaCrai Mitchell his trip through North Carolina, South Carolina and Alabama is part of an ongoing effort to boost his engagement with black voters, who he said "have often felt not only kicked around by the Republican Party but sometimes taken for granted by the Democratic Party."

During a criminal justice forum, the president took a victory lap for passing the First Step Act and made his pitch to black voters.
Pete Buttigieg weighed in on the role of white, male privilege in the 2020 presidential campaign during an appearance on "The Daily Show." CBS News political correspondent Ed O'Keefe joins CBSN to break down the candidate's response and what it may mean for voters.
Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, speaks about the changes to come for the community after the recent shooting where a white police officer shot a black man. Buttigieg says, "We know there is more that needs to happen and this is an acknowledgment that we are not there yet, and to make the public aware of the conversations that are taking place toward what we could do in the future."
2020 presidential candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg spoke to NBC News' Josh Lederman about his campaign's outreach efforts to the black community and homophobia in the U.S.

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