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CBS News 17 Jan 2020

Pentagon confirms U.S. service members were injured in Iran missile strike


Military officials have confirmed that at least 11 U.S. service members were injured when Iran launched missiles at an Iraqi military base last week, after previously saying that no Americans were harmed. CBS News national security correspondent David Martin spoke to CBSN's Tanya Rivero about the new development.

The US military says that 11 soldiers were injured in missile attacks in Iraq earlier this month - contradicting earlier claims that no one had been hurt.
The service members are being treated for concussion after the attack on two Iraqi bases housing US troops.

Al Jazeera's Gabriel Elizondo joins us live from Washington, DC for the latest updates.
U.S. officials confirmed some troops were injured in Iran's attack on U.S. troops in Iraq despite prior claims that no one was hurt.
50 U.S. troops have been diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries or concussions; Lucas Tomlinson reports from the Pentagon.

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The Iranian attack on an Iraqi base housing U.S. troops injured dozens of American service members, the Pentagon now says. President Trump had initially said there were no injuries in the strike.

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