CNN 6 Oct 2020

Pence team objects to plexiglass barrier at VP debate


Mike Pence does not want plexiglass barriers around him at the vice presidential debate against Kamala Harris, a top aide to the vice president told CNN, rebuffing an announcement from the Commission on Presidential debates that the dividers would be used to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.
"We have yet to hear medical evidence what the plexiglass is for," Pence's chief of staff Marc Short told CNN.
The plexiglass dividers, which were announced by the commission on Monday night, were the latest in a string of changes made to ensure the virus is not spread at the debate as the White House deals with a growing number of infections inside Donald Trump's administration.
Physical barriers like plexiglass are typically recommended when social distancing cannot be maintained. The candidates will be separated by 12 feet on stage. Masks are considered the best defense against both droplet and aerosolized transmission of the virus.

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Trump, Pence team has to open up a new ideological front, play offense former White House Press Secretary Ari Fletcher tells 'Outnumbered' panel.
The first and only vice presidential debate of 2020 marked a return to a somewhat more traditional event filled with policy disputes and party-line attacks. CBS News correspondent Nikole Killion joined CBSN to discuss key points made by Vice President Mike Pence and Democratic nominee Senator Kamala Harris at the debate.
Sen. Kamala Harris told Vice President Mike Pence she was speaking when he interrupted her at the Vice Presidential debate.
The 2020 vice presidential candidates' debate, between Democratic candidate Sen. Kamala Harris and Republican incumbent Vice President Mike Pence, will see Pence having to defend the record of the Trump administration, some experts say.

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