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Associated Press 21 May 2020

Pelosi: Wear masks, honor lives lost from pandemic


As the Memorial Day holiday weekend nears, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is urging Americans to continue to practice safe public health standards during a time when people usually gather together for the holiday. (May 21)

A 56-foot billboard called the Trump Death Clock was unveiled in Times Square in New York City on Friday. The clock provides a tally of lives that it claims were needlessly lost to COVID-19 that ticks upwards in real time. (May 8).
Should we all be wearing face masks? The controversy is raging today after President Trump said he might consider recommending that all Americans wear a mask. Many health experts have said only sick people should wear masks, to stop them from spreading the virus. The policy was also designed to make sure medical personnel on the front lines have an adequate supply. Many doctors have their doubts about the efficacy of proposing such a policy.
Politicians and medical officials are often asked whether members of the general public should wear masks during the coronavirus pandemic. We asked two researchers: Dr. Michael Lin, an associate professor of neurobiology and bioengineering at Stanford University, and Dr. Iris Gorfinkel, a family doctor and clinical researcher in Toronto.

The mayor of Los Angeles urged 4 million residents to wear masks to combat the coronavirus when they walk out in public. Mayor Eric Garcetti reminded people to practice safe social distancing as he donned a black cloth mask to make his point. (April 2)

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