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Fox News 13 Jan 2021

Pelosi tells Congress to 'honor the trust of our nation' in impeachment debate


House Speaker Pelosi delivers remarks on the House floor during debate over the second impeachment of President Trump.

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris praised the nominees and appointees that will serve on the national security team for the Biden administration. She claimed the team introduced "reflects the best of our nation."
After issuing a warning this past week, that the Michigan Capitol "is not safe," Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel says. "we have to do better to protect the seat of government here in the state of Michigan." Aired on 01/15/2021.
Former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta tells Andrea Mitchell that he finds it "difficult" to say it's okay to grant a waiver to Jim Mattis but not Gen. Lloyd Austin to serve as the first Black Defense Secretary, though he says Congress should consider doing away with the waiver to stick to the "principle of civilian leadership" at the Pentagon. He also says that President Trump's attempts to overturn the election are "sending a terrible message abroad...about the ability of our democracy to function." Aired on 12/11/2020.
Sen. Gary Peters slammed President Trump and those of his supporters he says are trying to "undermine the will of the people" by casting doubt on the veracity of election results.

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