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CBS News 18 Nov 2020

Pediatrician on rising COVID-19 cases nationwide


The coronavirus keeps breaking records in its latest surge across the U.S. At least 73,000 Americans are currently hospitalized with severe COVID-19. Dr. Rashmi Jain joins CBSN for a closer look at the increase in cases.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo spoke about the number of COVID-19 cases in the state and measures to stop the spread
President Trump spoke to reporters upon arriving in Ohio on Saturday.
Joe Biden ripped President Trump's "rounding the turn" comments on COVID-19 at a rally on Saturday, citing the rising number of cases across the country.
Mexico now has one million cases of the coronavirus and official figures show that nearly 100,000 people have died, making it the country with the fourth-highest COVID-19-related deaths in the world after the United States, India and Brazil.
Authorities in Mexico City have imposed 15 days of tighter restrictions on its bars and restaurants after lifting the partial lockdown earlier.

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