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The Hill 7 Jun 2020

Peaceful protester's POWERFUL message of hope: the system is not going to win


This peaceful protester in New York offered CNN viewers a powerful and hopeful message:
"The system is not going to win, the people have a voice now and they're listening to us because we are united. They're listening to us because stuff like this happens in the middle of Manhattan where thousands upon thousands of people don't have to stand for injustice anymore. We don't have to let that happen anymore. We don't have to let that happen anymore. ... We are peaceful protesters there's not reason that we should be arrested for being outside peacefully, you see no looting, you see no rioting. We are okay to be out here. The fact that they would give us a curfew at 8pm, they're trying to control us. They don't have that right to control us, if we want to speak, if we want to march we don't have to be silenced, we don't have to listen to what they're saying. And if you're listening, if you're watching right now, I want you to know that you have a voice, you can speak up. Black lives matter. You don't have to let white supremacy rule anymore."


The Office of the Director of National Intelligence confirmed that Russia is interfering in the 2020 election to hurt Biden and help Trump. Rep. Adam Schiff tells Ali Velshi he wants more details released to alert the American people and to hold Russia accountable, but says "clearly the president wishes to blind himself and blind the country to what Russia is doing." Aired on 8/7/2020.
Health officials in British Columbia say the province is at risk of unravelling all the progress it has made over the past few months. The province recorded 102 new infections over the weekend, and officials warn the situation could escalate quickly if people do not take the proper precautions. 

Doug Kezirian, Joe Fortenbaugh and Preston Johnson discuss the betting odds for the Los Angeles Lakers and LA Clippers to win the NBA championship when the season resumes, and how the leadership of LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard will factor in. They also discuss their Western Conference long shots.

Dr. Anthony Fauci says the state of the coronavirus in the US right now is "not good." He said that cases have doubled in a week and a half as states and cities attempt to reopen their economies. (July 6)

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