ESPN 21 May 2020

Paul Pierce gets taken to task for leaving LeBron off his Top 5


Kendrick Perkins joins NBA Countdown and says that Paul Pierce's decision to leave LeBron James out of his top 5 players of all time is personal. Pierce explains the personal story detailing a preseason game in which he says he spit at the Cavaliers bench and an altercation nearly ensued after the game. Perkins gives his own top 5 and Jalen Rose and Jay Williams go back and forth debating eras. Jay needs to take a break from all of the yelling.


Kendrick Perkins and Paul Pierce join Rachel Nichols to discuss players such as Jonathan Isaac of the Orlando Magic and Meyers Leonard of the Miami Heat standing for the national anthem before NBA games while the rest of their teammates knelt.

Paul Pierce, Matt Barnes and Jorge Sedano give their takeaways from the Los Angeles Lakers' Game 2 win over the Houston Rockets, with Pierce saying LeBron James' early assertiveness set the tone and Barnes pointing to Rajon Rondo's impact off the bench.

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On The Jump, Paul Pierce describes his experience as a virtual fan during the Boston Celtics' game vs. the Portland Trail Blazers inside the NBA bubble. (1:30) Rachel Nichols, Kendrick Perkins and Pierce discuss the league's decision to change the protocol for inconclusive coronavirus tests.

#NBA #TheJump
Michael Wilbon and Paul Pierce join Jalen Rose, Stephen A. Smith and Maria Taylor on NBA Countdown to share what they expect from the players moving forward. Pierce shares why he's proud of the players but also exhausted. Stephen A. breaks down how the players can create further change by using their platforms and addresses his personal experiences with racial inequality.


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