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Fox Sports 5 May 2020

Patrick Ewing shares his side of those Dream Team practices & more w/Andy Katz


Georgetown head coach, Patrick Ewing, sits down with Andy Katz to share his perspective on the Dream Team, his competitiveness and reflects on the adversity Georgetown basketball faced this season.

Magic Johnson speaks to Stephen A. Smith about Isiah Thomas being left off of the 1992 USA Dream Team and shares his hope that IT and MJ will reconcile one day and become friends.
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Patrick Ewing tells Mike Tirico that it feels like his career has come full circle as a player and now head coach at Georgetown and explains how much different his era of the NBA was and what "Dream Team" practices were like.
Former Celtic Paul Pierce shares his favorite memories of Kevin Garnett to commemorate Garnett's induction to the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Los Angeles Sparks head coach Derek Fisher joins First Take and shares his fondest memory of playing with Kobe Bryant on the Los Angeles Lakers and opens up about the transition from playing in the NBA to coaching in the WNBA.
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