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Inside Edition 1 Sep 2020

Paralympic Athletes Stage Amputee Fashion Show in Tokyo


Twelve models in Tokyo strutted, sprinted and strolled the runway to show off the latest in prosthetic technology. The catwalkers were paralympic athletes who would have been competing in the 2020 Summer Paralympics in Japan. But that event has been postponed until next year, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Until they're able to compete again safely, they were able to show what they can do on a more fashionable stage.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un admitted during a rare meeting of his ruling party that his economic plan failed. Also, Japan declared a state of emergency in Tokyo and three nearby areas after days of record new coronavirus infections and a rising death toll, and Zimbabwe is in a new monthlong lockdown to slow the spread of COVID-19. CBS News foreign correspondent Roxana Saberi joined "CBSN AM" from London with those stories.
Japan's Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga has declared a state of emergency in Tokyo, after a rise in coronavirus infections.
On Wednesday, the country reported a record 2,447 cases in the capital and more than 6,000 nationwide.
This is Japan's second lockdown after the first emergency was declared in April last year.

Al Jazeera's Scott Heidler reports.
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