The Hill

The Hill 5 Mar 2020

Panel: How Trump is gearing up to destroy Biden with Hunter


Team Rising previews Bernie Sanders' upcoming attacks on Joe Biden and discuss electability.

Executive Vice President of corporate affairs, Dan Bartlett, shares more with us on how Walmart is responding to the crisis.

The president has used his authority to help states combat the rapid spread of the coronavirus by allocating funds and resources to states that need help the most. One America's Christina Howitson breaks down his efforts to mobilize aid.
America is more politically divided than ever before, and while President Trump didn't create this division, he is capitalizing on it. Chris Cillizza explains the roots of this division, and draws a comparison to our past.
Lawrence O'Donnell shows the difference between how Donald Trump abets Russian interference, compared with Bernie Sanders strong condemnation of Putin today. Aired on 02/21/20.

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