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Associated Press 22 May 2020

Pandemic moves Memorial Day motorcycle ride online


One of the largest motorcycle rides in America will carry on during the coronavirus pandemic by joining the #MemorialDayAtHome movement. (May 22)

Memorial Day destinations around Washington DC are promoting new ways to honor fallen soldiers during the holiday while restricting in-person visits to keep staff and the public safe during the coronavirus pandemic. (May 22)
Coney Island's famous beach and boardwalk will be open for Memorial Day Weekend, but there's a long list of rules, including a ban on swimming, and sports like Frisbee will not be allowed. Scenes of empty airports at LAX were telling of the pandemic's impact on holiday travel; last year, 43 million Americans took trips for Memorial Day Weekend. This being the first weekend many will venture out after 2 months at home, health officials are nervous of increased COVID-19 transmission. Stay safe!
Dr. Mario Ramirez, former pandemic and emerging threats coordinator for the Department of Public Health and Human Services under the Obama administration, offers his take on safety for Memorial Day weekend.
Israel came to a standstill for a minute on Tuesday, April 28, to mark the country's Memorial Day for fallen soldiers and victims of attacks.

Typically, bereaved families visit cemeteries and attend memorial ceremonies.

However this year due to the coronavirus Israel ordered military cemeteries to close and ceremonies are expected to be held without attendees.

Motorists pulled over to the sides of highways and pedestrians stopped in their tracks.

At the end of the siren three fighter jets flew over Mt. Herzl, the military cemetery where an annual ceremony is held.

This year the ceremony was held in the presence of several dozen officials and soldiers.

Israel has fought half-a-dozen wars and endured dozens of deadly militant attacks since its founding in 1948.

The country honors 23,816 fallen soldiers and more than 3,100 people killed in attacks.


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