MSNBC 2 Nov 2020

'Overwhelming Enthusiasm': Latino Voters Gear Up For Election Day


Arturo Vargas and Janet Murguia join Morning Joe to discuss the Latino vote ahead of Election Day. Aired on 11/2/2020.

In Wilkes County, North Carolina, elections workers started loading trucks Monday morning to send to polling places along with voting machines and tabulators. Hundreds of boxes of PPE are being used to keep voters safe on Election Day. (Nov. 2)
NYPD Executives will hold a press conference in regard to Election Day preparedness.
"There's plenty out there to make people feel cynical -- and plenty of people are going to seize on that to convince you that your vote doesn't matter. It's not new -- it's one of the older voter suppression tactics there is."

Former President Obama shared a video message to young voters about the importance of their vote as he prepares to campaign for Joe Biden this week.
A U.S. district court judge has ordered the United States Postal Service to speed up the delivery of ballots in Detroit. It's just one of the many election-related lawsuits filed this year, as 2020 shapes up to be one of the most litigated election years ever. Richard Briffault, a professor of legislation at Columbia Law School, joined CBSN's Lana Zak to discuss.

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