CNN 1 Apr 2020

Outrage stirs after migrant workers sprayed with bleach disinfectant


The Indian state of Uttar Pradesh has sparked controversy after migrant workers, returning home during a nationwide coronavirus lockdown, were doused in bleach disinfectant used to sanitize buses.

Foreign workers are often the backbone of many societies.
They are doctors, nurses, shop assistants and managers.
Others take low-skilled work that citizens of wealthier nations won't do.
They have families that depend on the money they send back home.
But millions of migrant workers have seen their livelihoods evaporate as the coronavirus spreads.
Salaries are being cut, or staff fired as economies are disrupted by lockdowns.
The World Bank says global remittances will drop by 20 percent this year, the sharpest fall in recent history.
So will the crisis change the way wealthy countries use foreign labour?

Presenter: Bernard Smith


Arun Kumar - Professor at the Institute of Social Sciences in New Delhi.

Thulsi Narayanasamy - Head of Labour Rights at the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre.

Hasan Youness - Business Management Analyst.
The world's biggest lockdown is having a significant impact on millions of migrant workers in India.
Unable to work and faced with the government shutdown of all buses and trains, many have resorted to walking hundreds of kilometres to return to their home states.

Al Jazeera's Elizabeth Puranam reports from New Delhi, India.

Police with batons attacked hundreds of unemployed migrant workers demanding trains take them to their villages in Mumbai, India, Tuesday, April 14, amid a nationwide lockdown.
Millions of Myanmar migrant workers are thought to be stranded in Thailand after the border was closed and jobs were lost by the coronavirus lockdown.

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