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The Guardian 12 May 2020

Our Iranian lockdown: how coronavirus changed one couple's life


A rare glimpse into the lives of a young couple in lockdown in Iran.  Filmed over several weeks in quarantine, Sara and Mohammad Reza attempt to process the devastating loss of a family member to Covid-19. The news of coronavirus spreading in Tehran is the backdrop to their lives indoors, they see the outside world from their window, neighbours setting off fireworks and street musicians playing for spare change. As they approach Persian new year, usually a time of family reunion, the couple find hope and happiness in the traditional rituals that mark the spring equinox.

As the implications of coronavirus began to emerge, a group of volunteers in Tottenham, London, came together to try to transform the lives of the people around them.

In the weeks that followed, the BBC's Tarah Welsh followed people like Nigel Andall and Bevali Mckenzie as they cooked meals, visited homes and set up a community radio station.

Filmed and edited by Dave Faye.
Since the coronavirus pandemic hit the United States, Congress has seen a jump in its approval ratings. Chris Cillizza explains why this is the perfect example of why people don't like the government until they need them.
With millions of Americans stuck inside because of social distancing guidelines, a recent analysis found the way they're using the internet is changing. New York Times finance and technology reporter Nathaniel Popper joined CBSN to break down how coronavirus is impacting our screen time.
All over the country, people turn the camera on their lives and show how Covid-19 has changed their experience of work. A medical courier at the heart of the crisis demands basic rights, a worker at an empty airport pulls together a union hardship fund - and people in a range of jobs try to navigate the buckling benefits system and the government's scheme to help people who are no longer working. What burns through is the sudden urgency of people joining together to avoid the worst

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