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Voice of America 11 May 2020

Opposition to Trump Unites Democrats Behind Biden


Opposition to President Donald Trump has consolidated Democratic party support for Joe Biden, the presumptive party nominee, in the upcoming presidential election. However, VOA's Brian Padden reports that pressure from progressives for more expansive government assistance programs, especially now during the coronavirus pandemic, along with concerns over a recent sexual assault allegation and a challenge from a third-party candidate, threaten to fracture that unified support.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York responds to Trump's comments about his authority as president at Monday's press briefing: "I don't know why he would say that. I don't know why he would take us down that path." Aired on 4/13/2020.
Rachel Maddow Defense Secretary Mark Esper almost took a stand against Donald Trump's militaristic whims but ultimately appears to have wilted under White House pressure, and even as high ranking retired military officials voice their objections to Trump's abuses of power, the current chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, also appears to be playing along. Aired on 6/3/2020.
With Bernie Sanders stepping away from the presidential campaign, the one-on-one between Trump and Biden has now begun. James Carville and Michael Steele react. Aired on 04/08/2020.
Joe Biden raises a campaign-best $46.7 million in March but is still far behind President Trump; reaction and analysis on 'Outnumbered.' #FoxNews

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