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Hong Kong protesters who demanded the cancellation of an extradition bill that would make it easier for people to be transferred to mainland China are now asking for greater democracy. As authorities use increasing violence to stop the protests, The Post Editorial Board says China's leadership has misread the protests from the start. It's time to get it right.

President Donald Trump's national security adviser John Bolton said his opinion about the circumstances around Otto Warmbier's death doesn't matter because he isn't the "national security decision-maker."
Americans are reacting to the first glimpse of special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation - and opinion is predictably divided. Many Republicans are cheering and Democrats scoffing as first details of Mueller's investigation emerge. (March 25)
Venezuelans are the losers in the political conflict between the government and the opposition, and the United States is making it worse, according to Post Global Opinions senior editor Elias E. Lopez.
Opinion writer Jennifer Rubin says the chief law enforcement official in the United States seems intent on incinerating his professional reputation.

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[indistinct shouting]
[rhythmic clapping, chanting]
-Chinese state media and others are spreading misinformation
about the Hong Kong demonstration.
-As a way to kind of explain away, what I think,
most people in the city would agree is a grass-roots

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