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Operation Yellowhammer: UK releases 'no-deal' Brexit documents predicting delays at border


The UK government has released its 'Operation Yellowhammer' which details 'significant disruption' at the borders which could lead to medicine and fuel shortages…

Scotland's highest court of appeal rules UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson's suspension of Parliament as unlawful, and the UK government releases a no-deal Brexit document called Operation Yellowhammer. CNN's Nic Robertson has more.
"We will grant you one month, not more than one month." | EuronewsTonight

Shona Murray interviewed MEP Philippe Lamberts to get the EU's reaction on UK MPs voting 'NO' to No-deal Brexit.
No-deal Brexit could lead to 'drug and food shortages, protests'
Leaked documents show the potentially devastating effects a no-deal Brexit could have on British society, ranging from food and medicine shortages to protests at the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland.
The classified documents, obtained by The Sunday Times newspaper, list the most likely results of a no-deal Brexit when the United Kingdom leaves the European Union in October.
According to the documents, compiled by the UK's Home Office, up to 85 percent of trucks using the main channel crossings "may not be ready" for French customs, meaning disruption at ports would potentially last up to three months before the flow of traffic improves.

This could result in shortages of fuel, food and medicine, the documents show.
If a no-deal Brexit does happen, a hard border between the British province of Northern Ireland and Ireland could be implemented, possibly resulting in protests and road blockages, according to the files.
Eamonn Mcann, Journalist and Political activist joins us.
The United Kingdom is due to leave the European Union by October 31.
But according to leaked government documents, if no deal is reached, the country could crash-land.
The dossier, known as Operation Yellowhammer, offers an insight into the plans under way in the event of a no-deal Brexit and the enormous feats that would have to be achieved to avoid disaster.
British citizens could face shortages of food, fuel and medicine.

Al Jazeera's Sonia Gallego reports from London.

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