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CBC News 22 May 2020

Ontario COVID-19 cases trending in the wrong direction


Ontario posted its highest number of new COVID-19 cases since early May, and for a fifth straight day Ontario has fallen well short of its testing goal. What does this mean for the province as it gradually reopens?

The peak of community spread of the novel coronavirus in Ontario seems to have been less severe than anticipated according to updated provincial modelling, but public health officials say Ontarians must "stay the course" with COVID-19 restrictions.
Editor's note: A U.S. mayor claims he had COVID-19 last November, over one month before China reported its initial cases. If this was really the case, how did he get it and from where? How long ago did the virus start spreading in the U.S.? In this episode of Getting to the Point, CGTN anchor Liu Xin asks the big question!
A genetics company in Iceland is gathering data from COVID-19 patients, to build a detailed picture of the behaviour of the virus.

Founder Doctor Kari Stefansson also said that coronavirus was "widespread in the UK very early".
Mexico's COVID-19 deaths are a fraction of the U.S. toll. But suspicions mount over whether the Mexican government is accurately tracking the spread.

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