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Washington Post 28 Aug 2020

One woman offered to help after Hurricane Laura. She was overwhelmed by the response


Hurricane Laura left many without power and water on August 27. When one woman put a call out to help anyone who needed supplies, hundreds showed up.

Delta made landfall in Texas, Louisiana and Missouri causing flooding, damages, and power outages. The storm came just six weeks after Hurricane Laura made landfall in Louisiana.
In the aftermath of Hurricane Laura, the city of Lafayette, Louisiana, is refusing to take in evacuees as hundreds of thousands across the state are without power and access to water systems. Officials are citing concerns of a "serious, local security threat" after the police shooting of a Black man. Ashley White, a reporter for the Daily Advertiser in Lafayette, joins CBSN to explain the connection between the two events.
Earlier this month, 57-year-old Lane Unhjem suffered a heart attack while working on his farm in North Dakota. Within hours, about 60 volunteers offered to help harvest his crops while he was in the hospital. "This is just what we do around here when someone in our community is in need of help," said a family friend.
Oklahoma City high school teacher Emma Smreckler spends most of her weekends perusing used bookstores. One day she found a photostrip tucked between the pages, showing a man and a young girl. She was heartbroken that the sweet memory was lost, and it became her mission to reunite them with the photograph. Emma became a private investigator and posted the photo all over social media. More than a year later, a TV station in San Antonio aired a segment about it, and the man in the photo saw it.

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