MSNBC 18 Nov 2020

Officials Follow Trump's Lead Dodging All Reporter Questions


Trump officials are following the president's lead, dodging all kinds of reporters' questions - especially ones about President-elect Biden's election victory. Errin Haines reacts. Aired on 11/18/2020.

Rachel Maddow reports on a proposal by Pennsylvania Republicans to create a new committee to oversee the election raising concerns of undue influence. Aired on 10/01/2020.
US election officials have said the 2020 White House vote was the "most secure in American history", rejecting President Donald Trump's fraud claims.

"There is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised," a committee announced.

They spoke out after Mr Trump claimed without proof that 2.7 million votes for him had been "deleted".

He has yet to concede to the president-elect, Democrat Joe Biden.

The result of the 3 November election was projected by all the major US TV networks last weekend.

Mr Biden is now projected to have won Arizona, extending his lead by 11 electoral college votes to a total of 290, with Mr Trump on 217. It is the first time the state has voted Democrat since 1996.
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo refuses to answer questions from reporters about President-elect Joe Biden and the 2020 presidential election.
Despite President Trump's hospitalization for COVID-19, his senior campaign advisers are still criticizing Joe Biden for wearing a mask. Meanwhile, Biden's team is toning down attacks on the president as he recovers. CBS News political correspondent Ed O'Keefe brings us the latest from the campaign trail.

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