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One America News Network 18 May 2020

Obamagate Explained


Obamagate Explained

The president has recently been issuing tweets about something he's calling 'Obamagate,' which he declined to discuss in further detail when asked Monday during a White House briefing. Benjamin Wittes discusses. Aired on 05/12/2020.
President Donald Trump has been touting the term: "Obamagate," but he has yet to explain exactly what crime he thinks former President Barack Obama has committed.
As criticism stacks up against his coronavirus response, Trump and his allies are now accusing Obama of unspecified 'crimes' in a blatant conspiracy theory the president, FOX News, and his allies are calling 'Obamagate.' Tim Miller joins to thoroughly debunk it. Aired on 05/14/2020.
Saagar Enjeti discusses Susan Rice's involvement in Obamagate.

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