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Inside Edition 22 Nov 2020

Nursing Home Staff Celebrates Thanksgiving With Lonely Seniors


For many elderly Americans, Thanksgiving may be extra lonely this year. But at one Dallas nursing home, staff are working hard to make the mood festive during the holidays. Residents at Adora Midtown Park Senior Living Facility are feeling a sense of loneliness amid the pandemic at ages when human contact is more important than ever. Thanksgiving celebrations were underway, which included masks and social distancing.

President Trump announced an agreement with CVS and Walgreens to help deliver coronavirus vaccines to those in nursing homes at no cost when they are available while speaking in Florida.
In Henderson County, North Carolina, and in states across the U.S., "strike teams" are preparing to deploy to nursing homes with two or more Covid-19 cases to stop the virus from spreading.
Warning: This video contains graphic content.

CBC Marketplace's new data analysis reveals 85 per cent of all Ontario nursing homes have broken the law repeatedly with almost no consequences — for abuse, neglect, medication errors and much more. This special hidden camera investigation features shocking video inside homes, a rare interview with a former nursing home inspector and our fight for answers.
When the coronavirus pandemic hit the US, nursing homes became ground zero.

By November, more than 60,000 nursing home residents had died of COVID-19, accounting for roughly a quarter of all fatalities nationwide.

Yet the nursing home industry had already struggled with chronic problems before the pandemic.

From allegations of systematic understaffing to toothless government oversight, Fault Lines examines what made residents and workers so vulnerable.

In When COVID Hit: America's Nursing Home Nightmare, we report from California, one of the states hit hardest by the coronavirus.

Fault Lines meets relatives who accuse nursing homes of neglect - and asks if some facilities put profit before patients.

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