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Inside Edition 13 Jan 2021

Norah O'Donnell Uncovers Secret History of Her Family


CBS Evening News Anchor Norah O'Donnell is discovering family history that has been lost for generations. She took part in the PBS special "Finding Your Roots," which is helmed by famed professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. O'Donnell found out that her Irish great-grandmother became a widow at 19, and that her grandmother Mary started working in a linen factory at 12, before eventually leaving Ireland for the United States at 20.

Today we're talking about a book, "La beauté du ciel", which begins with a phone call in May 2017 to a young woman who's told by the police that her mother's grave has been desecrated. Her mother died 35 years before when the woman was just four years old. Three weeks after the phone call, she falls pregnant with her first child. The mother in the story is the Austrian-born actress Romy Schneider, who died in Paris in 1982 aged 43. The daughter and author of the book is the actress Sarah Biasini.
On the latest episode of the PBS series "Finding Your Roots," CBS Evening News anchor Norah O'Donnell learns of the historic exploits of her great-grandmother. (Jan.13)
News anchor Norah O'Donnell says she's never covered a year in her entire journalistic career like 2020 and stresses the public need to have access to accurate news. (Jan. 13)
Dr. Celine Gounder, member of Biden COVID-19 Advisory Board, joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss President-Elect Biden's 100-day plan to fight coronavirus and concerns surrounding reactions to the Pfizer vaccine in the UK among individuals with significant allergic reactions. Dr. Gounder says, "If you've had history of a severe allergic reaction, regardless of the trigger, we would recommend against getting vaccinated with the coronavirus vaccine until we have a bit more information."Aired on 12/09/2020.

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