MSNBC 13 Jul 2020

No End In Sight For COVID-19 In Arizona As Governor Remains Idle


Will Humble, former executive director of the Arizona Public Health Association, talks about how little is being done by Arizona governor Doug Ducey to stem the spread of coronavirus, and the horrific impact COVID-19 is having as a result. Aired on 7/13/2020.

Chief Public Health Officer Theresa Tam and Deputy Chief Public Health Officer Howard Njoo provide projections on the number of COVID-19 cases in Canada.
President Trump, FDA announce emergency authorization for use of plasma treatment for COVID-19; insight from Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar. #FoxNews
Police broke up a Labor Day party hosted by students at Miami University in Ohio, for violating capacity rules during the coronavirus pandemic. Officers also learned that some of the people hosting and attending the party recently tested positive for COVID-19.
WHO warns weekly COVID-19 infections in Europe are now higher than the first peak in March

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