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Associated Press 19 May 2020

Nicaragua cierra la frontera con Costa Rica como protesta


Nicaragua cierra la frontera con Costa Rica como protesta

Over the last month, Los Angeles - the most populated county in the United States - has turned into one of the epicenters for the coronavirus, having registered some 200,000 cases and nearly 5,000 deaths.

The local government has since recruited more than 25,000 employees to work as "contact tracers" in an attempt to reach people who've tested positive for the virus or those who've come into contact with them.
Winds from Hurricane Laura caused a controversial statue to topple over. The South Defenders Monument has stood in front of the courthouse in Lake Charles, Louisiana since 1915. It depicts confederate soldiers from the south, according to the American Press. Earlier this month, a jury voted to keep it up, despite a petition to have it removed. It's too early to know whether the statue will be fixed or removed all together due to the damage from the storm.
Learn more about the planned July 30 launch of our Mars 2020 rover from Cape Canaveral aboard an Atlas V 541 rocket, featuring:

- Jim Bridenstine, NASA Administrator

- Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA Associate Administrator

- Omar Baez, Launch Director, NASA Launch Services Program

- Matt Wallace, Mars 2020 Deputy Project Manager, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory

- Tory Bruno, President and CEO, United Launch Alliance

- Jessica Williams, 45th Space Force Weather Officer
Israel y el grupo guerrillero liban├ęs Hezbollah intercambiaron fuego el lunes

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