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NBC Sports 22 May 2020

NFL Competition Committee voting to add officiating advisor in 2020


PI review is done, but the NFL Competition Committee will vote on adding an officiating advisor who would monitor for calls missed on the field.

The NFL competition committee reportedly supports the concept of a sky official for games and Mike Florio explains why an outside referee is will help on-field officials make the right calls in real time.
Jeff Passan joins Mike Greenberg to talk about the potential for Major League Baseball to play in 2020, with increased optimism growing around the potential for playing in "hub cities." Passan then reveals his plans for a 60-day tournament, if MLB only had two months to determine a champion.
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Rep. Val Demings tells Lawrence O'Donnell that Republican past and current governors are responsible for ignoring major problems with Florida's unemployment system that's allowed only 40,000 residents to receive benefits out of 1.5 million applicants: "We find ourselves at the bottom of the list in terms of how we process unemployment benefits in our state and we've got to do better." Aired on 4/21/2020.
After missing out on the playoffs in 2019, Chris Simms explains why he thinks the Cowboys, Steelers and Colts are poised to crash the playoff in 2020.

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