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NBC Sports 18 May 2020

NFL allowing some franchises to re-open facilities


Mike Florio and Chris Simms look at the balance the NFL is trying to have between allowing teams to re-open their facilities in certain states while making sure no team is at a disadvantage.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford is allowing some workplaces to reopen as early as May 4, as long as they meet "strict public health measures and operate safely during the COVID-19 outbreak." Dr. Peter Lin weighs in on the plan.
The United States outpaces the world with 400,000 more cases, than the next closest country, which is Spain. New York is home to most of the patients. Still, there's a growing push to re-open the U.S. economy. CGTN White House correspondent Nathan King reports.
Head teachers have warned that they may not be able to re-open primary schools in England at the start of June, as set out in the Prime Minister's plan.

Schools are expected to limit class sizes to 15 children and stagger breaks. But the general rule on social distancing by two-metres would be very hard to achieve

While parents worry about their children's education, thousands of people are embarking on the long journey to recovery after becoming critically ill with coronavirus. It's a prolonged process, both physically and mentally.

Huw Edwards presents News at Ten reporting from Elaine Dunkley at a school in Bootle, and our Medical Correspondent Fergus Walsh from University College Hospital in London.
In his latest television addresss announcing gradual easing of the lockdown, the Prime Minister has encouraged people to return to work, if they can't work from home.

The government has said it is working with employers to establish guidance about making the workplace safe.

Boris Johnson also said that primary schools in England could partially reopen in June. There are no plans for a full return of secondary schools before September.

Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reports from Business Editor Simon Jack, Education Correspondent Elaine Dunkley and Economics Editor Faisal Islam.

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