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Newsmax TV 23 Mar 2020

Newsmax CEO: Media won't give Trump a break on COVID-19


Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy comments on the way President Donald Trump's coronavirus pandemic decisions have been analyzed by the media and by other lawmakers, such as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, former Vice President and presidential candidate Joe Biden, and more. - via The Chris Salcedo Show, weekdays at 5PM ET on Newsmax TV.

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Watch live: WHO gives update on COVID-19 coronavirus
WHO gives update on COVID-19 coronavirus
At today's presser on the #coronavirus in the U.S., President Donald Trump mentioned China at least 14 times related to attributing and not attributing blame. Is Trump blaming China for #COVID19? Watch and decide for yourself.
With over 100,000 COVID-19 cases in the U.S., President Trump and the coronavirus task force are engaged in an all-out war to make America healthy again and get citizens back to work. One America's Jenn Pellegrino has more on the president's latest actions.

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