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USA Today 12 Apr 2019

New York Restaurant Under Fire For 'Clean' Chinese Food


A white New York City restaurant owner is addressing backlash for marketing her Chinese food as "clean," and saying other Chinese food makes people feel "bloated and icky."

The comments, shared in an Instagram post that has since been deleted, placed Lucky Lee's restaurant in the middle of a debate about racism, stereotypes and cultural appropriation.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is under fire for declaring pro wrestling an "essential service," clearing the way for performances, without audiences, to resume. Reporter Dave Zirin tells Chris Hayes that this "stinks with the words ‘quid pro quo.'" Aired on 04/15/2020.
Krystal and Saagar give daily updates on the crisis; Georgia set to reopen its economy this Friday, polls show most Americans would rather keep the economy closed than risk an outbreak and open too early, and Harvard University is under fire for accepting more than $8 million dollars in coronavirus relief package.
New York city's subway system closed on Tuesday night, for a much needed deep clean.

This is the first time the service was stopped in 115 years.
Over 965 km (600 miles) of track between the city's 5 boroughs
were closed between 1am to 5am, allowing crews to disinfect.
New York protesters angry over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis clashed with police Saturday night in Brooklyn, setting fire to police cars and throwing bricks, rocks and fireworks at officers who, responded in full force. (May 31)

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