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USA Today 12 Apr 2019

New York Restaurant Under Fire For 'Clean' Chinese Food


A white New York City restaurant owner is addressing backlash for marketing her Chinese food as "clean," and saying other Chinese food makes people feel "bloated and icky."

The comments, shared in an Instagram post that has since been deleted, placed Lucky Lee's restaurant in the middle of a debate about racism, stereotypes and cultural appropriation.

A couple of owners of a new Chinese restaurant in New York are apologizing - for cultural appropriation.CGTN's Karina Huber has details on the cuisine controversy.
As Brexit talks continue, a Labour MP is under fire for his comments about Zionism. Now, MP Richard Burgon is backtracking on his earlier comments as many in the United Kingdom are asking him to resign. Former MP George Galloway joins In Question to discuss.
Joe Biden is coming under fire for the second time this month over his statements on working alongside segregationists. One America's Jacob Demille has the details.
Starbucks is under fire for asking a group of police officers to leave the store, while they drank coffee on the 4th of July.

One America's Allysia Britton has more on the incident.

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