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Associated Press 30 May 2020

New York protesters set fires, clash with police


New York protesters angry over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis clashed with police Saturday night in Brooklyn, setting fire to police cars and throwing bricks, rocks and fireworks at officers who, responded in full force. (May 31)

Extreme right-wing protesters have clashed with police in central London, with scenes of violence condemned by the Prime Minister Boris Johnson as "racist thuggery".

Far-right activists had gathered in the capital, saying they were there to protect statues from attacks by anti-racism activists.

Police officers were attacked with bottles, smoke grenades and flares. Six officers were injured and several people were arrested.

The government said that individuals attacking the police would be met with "the full force of the law."

Kate Silverton presents BBC News reports from Home Affairs Correspondent Tom Symonds and Political Correspondent Iain Watson.
Protests near the White House escalated on Sunday amid the continued fallout from the killing of George Floyd, with images on social media showing multiple fires and scenes of rowdy crowds even as a citywide curfew had been imposed.

Sunday night saw the third straight day of protests in the nation's capital following the release of a video last week showing a white police officer in Minneapolis kneeling on the neck of the 46-year-old Floyd, an unarmed black man. Floyd died in police custody shortly after the video was taken.

His death has sparked increasingly violent protests across the country, from Los Angeles to New York, and has led Minnesota officials to charge the police officer in the video, Derek Chauvin, with third-degree murder manslaughter.

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Demonstrators took to New York City streets on Friday for a second day in protest of the death of George Floyd, the black Minnesota man killed in police custody, and invoked the names of other black people who died at police hands. (May 29)
The New York City Council passed a package of police reforms on Thursday, some of which had lingered for years, only to get fast tracked amid protests​ against police brutality. One change is a requirement for officers to show badge numbers at all times. CBS New York's Aundrea Cline-Thomas has the details.

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