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Al Jazeera 22 Mar 2020

New York mayor blames Trump for medical shortages


US stocks tumbled on Monday amid political wrangling over an American coronavirus relief package and a growing number of global deaths.
Battles between Democratic Party senators and their Republican Party rivals prevented an economic rescue package from advancing.
As the politicking continued in Washington, the New York City mayor has warned people will die needlessly unless a shortage of medical equipment is resolved within days.

Al Jazeera's Heidi Zhou-Castro reports from Maryland.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio holds a media briefing on the coronavirus outbreak that has infected close to 21,000 people in New York State.
New York Mayor Bill de Blasio provides update on coronavirus. On March 23, Mayor de Blasio questioned whether the country was willing to "turn away and ignore the challenges" facing those who are most vulnerable to the coronavirus. He said that if left unchecked, the virus will overburden the health-care system to the point where it cannot function.
A shooting occurred in New York as immigration agents attempted to arrest an illegal immigrant and were physically attacked. New York's liberal officials were quick to blame the Trump administration. One America's Caitlin Sinclair has that story.
The Attorney General of N.Y., Letitia James, announced that the state has filed a lawsuit "seeking to stop the president and his administration for punishing New York for passing its own laws." NBC News' Danny Cevallos breaks down the events that led to the lawsuit.

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