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NBC News 25 Mar 2020

New York City At The Epicenter Of Outbreak In The U.S


Governor Andrew Cuomo estimates that in three weeks, coronavirus cases will hit their high point, though there are fears that New York City's density and residents leaving town could exacerbate the spread. There are new cases popping up around the country as more than half the nation has orders for residents to stay home.

Police secure the scenes of two separate shootings by the same gunman in New York City that left two officers wounded, Sunday, February 9.
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New confirmed coronavirus cases are skyrocketing in New York as the state ramps up testing. New York has conducted roughly 45,000 tests so far -- more than any other state -- and Governor Andrew Cuomo maintains that as testing increases, so will the number of infections. Michael George reports.
New York City declared a state of emergency Thursday that will shutter venues where over 500 people gather including Broadway theaters. Mayor Bill de Blasio said most venues will close 5 o'clock Friday. Broadway begins five o'clock Thursday. (March 12)
Quarantines, state of emergency, shelter-in-place, the story of the coronavirus is changing by the hour. NBC News' Dasha Burns explains how the coronavirus snowballed into a global pandemic.

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