MSNBC 10 Jan 2021

New Video Shows Rioters Attacking Capitol Police


New video shows rioters violently attacking Capitol police. Terrorism analyst Jim Cavanaugh explains what the video shows about the tactics and motive of the group.

The FBI is searching through an estimated 45,000 tips from all 50 states to help identify and bring to justice the people responsible for the violent pro-Trump riots.
Rachel Maddow looks at new video of pro-Trump rioters attacking police attempting to protect the U.S. Capitol, and reports on arrests of some of the infamous figures from images of the onslaught by Trump supporters. Aired on 01/12/2021.
Pro-Trump protesters stormed the U.S. Capitol and clashed with police inside the building as members of Congress suspended their joint session and evacuated. CBS News chief congressional correspondent Nancy Cordes says there are also reports of shots being fired. Watch this portion of CBS News Special Report coverage.
New police body camera video was released of the raid at the home of Florida scientist Rebekah Jones. The raid was part of an ongoing investigation into a hack of the state's department of health.

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