Newsy 16 Oct 2020

New Study Finds Millions Of Felons Unable To Vote


A new study is shedding light on the number of people not able to cast their ballot because of a current or previous conviction.

More than half of Americans plan to vote early this year, and a third plan to do it by mail. But there is a sharp divide between Democrats and Republicans over the topic.
A new Buzzfeed/Telemundo survey is showing a large number of Latino voters, 71 percent, are motivated to vote in the 2020 election by the coronavirus pandemic after being one of the hardest groups in the U.S.
LA Clippers head coach Doc Rivers speaks with the media about how the team is preparing for the resumption of the playoffs after having one practice ahead of Game 6 against the Dallas Mavericks, how coaches can help provide players with more resources to sustain mental health and how he is talking with his team about the importance of registering to vote.

Sen. Dick Durbin questioned Judge Amy Coney Barrett on the difference in opinion that some felons may still retain their right to own a gun but were not allowed to regain their right to vote in elections. Aired on 10/13/2020.

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