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NBC News 7 Aug 2020

New Rules And Regulations For College Football Amid Coronavirus Pandemic


Colleges are grappling with the best way to protect football coaches and players from the spread of coronavirus, with some leagues postponing or cancelling their seasons as some teams return to practice.

New York City announced it is delaying the reopening of its public schools until September 21 to allow more time to prepare. Dr. Eric Cioe-Peña, an emergency physician and the director of global health for Northwell Health, joined CBSN to discuss whether it's safe for students to go back to school as the nation continues to battle the coronavirus pandemic.
Tim Tebow joins First Take to discuss the Big Ten's plans to play the college football season and how the College Football Playoff will be impacted this season.

As schools reopen across the nation amid a global pandemic, some companies are offering artificial intelligence technology that could track temperatures, mask-wearing and more. Vox tech reporter Rebecca Heilweil joined CBSN to discuss the use of AI and related privacy concerns.
Citizens accuse authorities of being insensitive #coronavirus

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