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Voice of America 25 Mar 2020

New Rome Hospital Quickly Filled with Coronavirus Patients


Rooms of a newly opened hospital in Rome dedicated to COVID-19 patients were filling up quickly, Wednesday, March 25. Nine out of the 13 available rooms were already busy with patients infected by COVID-19, who needed intensive care, intubation and ventilators.
The new COVID-19 hospital is based in a converted private clinic for cardiovascular diseases.
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Officials say Elmhurst Hospital in New York City is at capacity and overwhelmed with coronavirus patients. (March 26)
Mark Tonelli, a critical care physician and bioethics expert at the University of Washington Medical Center, discusses how his hospital is getting ready for an expected surge of coronavirus patients, and the strain that covid-19 could put on the nation's health care system.
The U.S. has experienced its deadliest day yet in the battle against COVID-19. While there have been many reports about how bad things are at hospitals with a lack of personnel and supplies, we are now getting our first look inside. Thanks to an emergency room doctor who is sharing video from the epicenter of the outbreak to show just how bad things really are, Inside Edition was taken inside the hard-hit Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, New York, where 13 people died in just one 24-hour period.
NBC's Tom Costello reports from the incident command center at Johns Hopkins Medicine, where doctors are preparing for a surge of patients who may need immediate care. The hospital is approved to conduct its own coronavirus tests and has been tracking cases around the world.

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