Time 9 Oct 2019

New Report Reveals Widespread Abuse, Mistreatment Of Women During Childbirth


A new report says more than one-third of women in four low-income countries in Africa and Asia were slapped, mocked, forcibly treated or otherwise abused during childbirth in health centers and suggests that such mistreatment occurs worldwide.

New reporting about the conduct of the president's closest aides in the Ukraine scandal shows what information they could provide as witnesses in an impeachment trial. Aired on 12/30/19.
With holiday shopping season in full swing, giant online retailers like Amazon are working overtime to move millions of packages before Christmas. But at what cost? A recent investigation found Amazon warehouse workers are bearing the brunt of it with injury rates that more than double the industry average. Reveal reporter Will Evans worked on that investigation from the Center for Investigative Reporting and joined CBSN to explain the scope of these injuries.
The reported sexual attacks were part of the overall 1.3 billion rides last year, according to the ride sharing service.
At least two police officers were shot in Honolulu on Jan. 19 near the base of Diamond Head State Monument, local news reports say.

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