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ABC News 14 Feb 2020

New fallout from Astros' sign-stealing scandal l ABC News


The Astros are facing criticism for what many saw as an insincere and inadequate response to baseball's biggest scandal since the steroid epidemic.

The new guidance, while voluntary, is the most specific instruction yet from the federal government on how not to trigger an outbreak.
At least 16 states have reported an increase in COVID-19 and more than 21,000 new cases and 1,000 new deaths have been reported in the past 24 hours across the U.S. as new hot spots emerge.

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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has put reopening of the state on hold and is taking steps to free up hospital beds for COVID-19 patients.

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In this week's Parting Shots on Outside the Lines, Bomani Jones, Israel Gutierrez, Pablo S. Torre and Jeremy Schaap give their takes on issues that have arisen in college football and Major League Baseball. Bomani wonders why Oklahoma State's Mike Gundy and Iowa's Kirk Ferentz haven't gotten more scrutiny for the recent scandals within their programs, (1:43) Gutierrez criticizes his alma mater Florida for taking so long to ban the phrase "Gator Bait," (3:21) Torre details how the uncertainty of a 2020 MLB season shifts attention away from the Houston Astros' sign-stealing scandal and (4:58) Schaap explains why baseball fans will come back to the sport even if the MLB season is canceled.


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