CBS News
CBS News 13 Oct 2020

Nevada man believed to be first person in U.S. to be infected with COVID-19 twice


Researchers believe a man in Nevada was infected with the coronavirus twice, making him the first patient to be reinfected in the U.S. Doctor Mark Pandori, one of the authors of the study investigating this case, joined CBSN with more on the growing questions about COVID-19 immunity.

When her 98-year-old mother was diagnosed with COVID-19, Mary Sardelis moved into the retirement home to save her life. She said what she saw was 'no man's land.'

Gran Bretaña inicia campaña de vacunación contra COVID-19
Celebrations go ahead in Russia but Church urges caution amid covid-19 fears. #orthodoxChristmas
La India comienza a distribuir vacunas contra el COVID-19

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