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Al Jazeera 11 Oct 2020

Netherlands sees a spike in COVID-19 cases


The Netherlands now has one of the worst coronavirus infection rates in Europe, as case numbers and hospital admissions balloon.
After the first wave, authorities implemented a test and trace policy in an effort to contain new infections but due to recent explosive numbers contact tracing of infected people has become impossible.
Despite the rapidly rising numbers the government does not want to impose stricter measures as of yet but if infection rates continue to go up new measures might be announced soon.

Al Jazeera's Step Vaessen reports from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

French health authorities reported nearly 10,000 new COVID-19 cases this weekend as infections continue to spike. Holiday destinations in the South of France are seeing the virus spread fast, but few seem to be following social distancing rules.
CNN's Nick Watt reports on the spike in Covid-19 cases at colleges in 36 states and the FDA suggesting a coronavirus vaccine could be approved before their trials are over.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Sunday that Israel would go back into lockdown. The country has seen a surge in COVID-19 cases.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford says a major spike in COVID-19 cases in the province is 'a cause for concern.' The province reported 313 cases of COVID-19 on Monday.


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